UICISA: E ESEnfC at the
School of Health of the Polytechnic of Viseu

Cluster coordinator:
Manuela Maria da Conceição Ferreira
Created: 2018


For organization and performance purposes, UICISA: E, according to its statute, has established clusters in other institutions. The clusters have their own synergy, while fulfilling and respecting all rights and obligations regulated in UICISA: E's statute.

The creation of clusters provides the following advantages:
trending_flat researchers from a participating institution may improve internal organization and create their own synergies;
trending_flat the cluster coordinator is represented in the Unit's Scientific Committee;
trending_flat the elements of each cluster's productivity are validated and then delivered to the scientific coordinator of UICISA: E for the writing of reports to the FCT.
The criteria for UICISA: E clusters' creation and the cluster coordinator's responsibilities are described in the Statute included in the Researcher's Guide more information