AppSaúde: Empower to better live

Principal Researcher: Manuela Ferreira
Duration: 2020 – 2022

UICISA: E Team Members
Graça Aparício
Maria José Santos
Paula Nelas
Amadeu Gonçalves
Marília Rua


Knowledge about the health of the Portuguese population has improved significantly, however, young people require particular attention in relation to the determinants of health related to lifestyle. Scientific evidence of school health promotion, innovation and the need to refocus action on results implies the development of more appropriate interventions for the young population. In addition to empowering people and communities to act, it implies recognizing their skills and potential and facilitating their choices. Integrating a broad vision, the AppSaúde: Empower to better live project is created, with the purpose of improving the levels of health literacy of young adults in the central zone of the country. It integrates three specific areas: food, additive consumption and sexuality. The objectives are: to develop an instrument to evaluate the level of literacy of students of higher education in the areas of food, additive consumption and sexuality; monitor health determinants in these areas, and develop a web-based platform that includes a health education program and a forum for the exchange of ideas between students and professionals. The plan for dissemination of results and dissemination of knowledge is in line with the broad territorial scope and corresponds to the domains of health and technologies applied to health. The impact of the scientific and technological knowledge generated by the project when disseminated will contribute to the regional and national valorization, in a logic of knowledge translation. This study will be developed by a team with elements that have already carried out other projects in this area. This team, now reinforced by the involvement of 1st and 2nd cycle IPV students, is a guarantee of the success of IPV research and dissemination at national and international level.
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