International Web Conference on

Food Choice &
Eating Motivation

19th & 20th may, 2022

Conference Chairperson

Raquel Guiné
Polytechnic of Viseu (Portugal)



Ilija Djekic
University of Belgrade (Serbia)


Role of food safety tools in supporting the food supply chains

Ilija DJEKIĆ works as a full professor at the Department of Food Safety and Quality Management, University of Belgrade – Faculty of Agriculture. The overall goal of his research is to understand how to improve technological / processing aspects of the food supply chain from an engineering point of view guided by decreasing food safety risks with minimal environment impacts. He has more than 120 published peer reviewed manuscripts with most of them in high impact factor journals in the scope of Food Science and Technology and Environmental Science, as well as 5 books and 10 book chapters. His service to science covers peer reviewing for highly ranked scientific journals and reviewing scientific project proposals for the European Commission and for several national scientific bodies. He has international experience in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, Bulgaria, Colombia, Croatia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Netherlands, and Turkey.

Cristina Chuck-Hernández
Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (Mexico)


Consumer perception about entomophagy in a megadiverse country

Cristina Chuck is a professor and researcher of the Institute for Obesity Research of the School of Engineering and Sciences and a member of the Research Center for Protein Development (CIDPRO), an initiative to extract and modify functional proteins for food applications. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Food Engineering, a Master’s Degree in Biotechnology, and an MBA. Her professional experience includes a Technical Support position within the Quality Assurance team (Grupo Panificador Azteca) and a seven-year tenure as Instructor-Consultant for the food industry (IDEA S.A de C.V). In addition, she was an intern at the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO, Vienna, Austria). Her research areas are: • Protein extraction processes for vegetable proteins with food applications; • Methods for selective inactivation of anti-nutritional compounds from pulses; • Changes in protein structure and their impact on the functional properties within a food matrix

Otilia Bobis
University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca (Romania)


Bee products as valuable source of nutrients and bioactive compounds.
Normal or functional foods?

PROFESIONAL EXPERIENCE: Scientific researcher I (CS I): scientific research, research project implementation: – Physico-chemical analisys for bee products, – Bioactive properties determination for natural products, – Apicultural biotechnologies: main and secondary component analysis from honeybee and bee products, biochemical markers for quality and authenticity. Quality manager APHIS-DIA Laboratory: USAMV Cluj-Napoca (Romania), Life Science Institute “Regele Mihai I al României”: work team coordination, strategies development for APHIS-DIA laboratory and supervising the activities. Auditor of Quality Management System SR EN ISO/IEC 17025/2018; – Project director CNCSIS tip S: Realisation and characterization of different emulsion systems and liposomes with food industry applicability; 2000 – 2002 – Project director Measure 16.4. MADR Development of local markets exclusively by short chains for bee products, 2018-2021; – Project director: PN-III-P1-1.1-MC-2018-0264 Mobilities for researchers 2018; – Research team member in more than 30 national and international projects; – 18 projects PNII şi PNIII RU-PRECISI (Research results award). Autor and coauthor of 55 ISI Web of science papers, more than 80 BDI papers.

Edite Teixeira de Lemos
CERNAS Research Centre, Polytechnic Institute of Viseu (Portugal)


The Mediterranean Diet: a dietary pattern or a Medical Prescription?

Edite Teixeira-Lemos received her PhD. in Biomedical Sciences from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Coimbra; Portugal in 2008. She has worked as a professor and a researcher over thirty years. At present she is a senior Professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu, Portugal, where she is also the Head of Department of Food Industry and the Vice-President of the Ethics Committee. As a researcher, she is part of the Research Centre for Natural Resources, Environment and Society of the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu (CERNAS-IPV). She has authored/co-authored over 90 papers, including review articles and textbook chapters and is also a reviewer of scientific papers for several international journals. She has received several prizes and honourable mentions at various national and international conferences.
Research Interest: Nutrition; Functional Foods; Aging; Cardiometabolic Disease.